Message from M.D.

Mr. Pasang Sherpa

It is truly an honor and a privilege for me to welcome you to our vibrant country, Nepal the land of Mt.Everest and Birth Place Of Lord Buddha. These attributes make it a primary destination for the discerning, responsible traveler looking to attain an unforgettable holiday. We pride ourselves as the nation of smiling, welcoming people and look forward to welcoming you to visit this land of charming people and to experience this first-hand.Offroadnepal Pvt. Ltd was established in 2006 with a vision of providing Offroad Motorcycle tours solutions to its clients in the travel industry.To date, it is the 1st Offroad Motorcycle Tours Company in Nepal, having grown steadily over the years, accumulating experience and product knowledge, to give our clients a truly unforgettable and a mesmerizing experience of Nepal.

Offroadnepal Pvt.Ltd is in the forefront in ensuring that many tourists from overseas are attracted to visit out alluring country, Nepal! This country offers unlimited scope for tourism growth. It has multitudinous locations which are exceptionally fascinating for tourists, giving them an opportunity to explore their fantasies and indulge in safari experiences on the wild side, simultaneously giving them various options to scale World’s highest Mountain, Mount Everest. With this, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to visit our enchanting country and to experience its abundant beauty in person. It is my sincere hope that you will endevour to consider exploring the sights, sounds, flora and fauna of Nepal even once in your life time for which I would like to assure you that its experience will linger on in your memories for time immemorial. My best wishes to you all and look forward to seeing you in Nepal.

Company Profile

With a view to establish a separate company dedicated to off road touring, OffRoad Nepal was established as a sister company of The Bikers Nepal in 2006. Our team believes that there is more to motorcycling than what the world thinks of it. We believe in the passion, a true motorcyclist can harvest when they are on their machines. At OffRoad Nepal, we share the passion , the adrenaline , and the desire to let go in the wind. Our experienced team of riders, will lead you towards a world , only some have dared to venture upon . Riding on terrain that boasts as the most beautiful in the world. Nepal offers you one of the best off-­‐road riding trails, and we intend to take you through these routes , to explore Nepal . Rev through mudded tracks , river ways , steep uphills. Look down below to the clouds as you accelerate towards a road to paradise. OffroadNepal gears up to be the ultimate ENGINE for adventure tours, the supreme SUSPENSION for bikers to showcase their flair in bike riding, and the serene SILENCER for all bikers to communicate.

Who we are

Offroadnepal is a group of young, energetic off-road bikers who have pioneered the off-road biking in Nepal . It has fulfilled the need for an active representation for the off-road biking, and for an organized, responsible attitude in the practices of off-road bikers. Offroadnepal focuses on accessing new routes with breath taking panoramic views that surround the valley and provide the perfect backdrop for the rides. Offroadnepa takes you to places where no other normal bikes have journeyed before. Be it One-to-One or One-to-Two or Group off-road tour, with Offroadnepal you can feel the excitement, encounter the thrill and the adventure which would be absolutely hard to forget.

What we do

Offroadnepal specializes in off - road tour holidays, weekend breaks and one day rides for those looking for real off-road rides. You may come along and experience off-road tours in your own bike or hire one from us. Offroadnepal has a pool of fully trained and professional tour guides who will escort you on all the off-road tours. They are dedicated and have passion for the sport and commitment to provide all the riders, beginners as well as experts, full guidance and support during the tour. Off-Road Tour Biking has developed to become a sport of its own and not just a pastime. We invite you to take a closer look into the world of off-road motorbiking from now on because....
  • Off-road motorbiking is a means of adventure.

  • Off-road biking is about having fun filled workout that will get you to places.

  • Off-road biking is about getting out of the urban jungle into the wilderness, fun, and excitement and getting closer to nature, mountains, pumping fresh air in your body and making those weekends worthwhile.

  • Off-road biking is about making a journey just few hours away from the chaos of everyday routine life and freeing yourself from the stress of the hectic work schedule, meeting deadlines, worrying about paying bills and escaping the pollution.

  • Off-road biking is a ticket to relaxation, time to recharge the biological batteries for those weekend warriors.

  • Off-road biking is the sudden rush you feel as you go down hill after a tiring ride up a steep mountain.

  • Off-road biking is also about conquering the mountain and feeling proud of yourself. You can say to yourself, “I have conquered the mountain and now I’m going enjoy the fast ride down!” 
Off-road biking is about enjoying several moments of ecstasy and cherishing the memories shared with fellow bikers.

  • Off-road biking is about taking time to admire the superb beauty of nature.